Ocala Equestrian Academy

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Private Lesson - $65 (call for appointment)
One on one private lesson on a Ocala Equestrian Academy school horse. Hands on and in depth learning experience. 1 hour includes grooming, riding and caring for the horse.
Group Lesson - $50 (call for appointment)
Group lessons include 3 or more riding students on OEA's school horses. Riders must be close to the same skill level in order to sign up for group lessons. Each group lesson includes a minimum of 30-40 minutes of instruction "in the saddle" and a minimum of 15 minutes for grooming and tacking the horse. Specific topics will be covered during these sessions. Group lessons are not available to new beginning riders.
Package of 4 Group Lessons - $190 (call for appointment)
Package of 4 Group lessons.15 min tacking up/preparing horse. 30 min riding on OEA School Master. 15 min cool out horse.
Directions 8000 W Hwy 326, Ocala, FL 34482, USA